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Posted 7 months ago

The holy-ghost of hope

It needs to be said that there is great joy within the teachings, not the words, of the christian bible and within the stories and the idea of the christ.
It also needs to be acknowledged, particularly by those that would call themselves christians, that those examples, teachings and ideas are not the exclusive domain of joy.
It needs to be insisted that there are many paths to love, knowledge or joy (all same) and that no school of mankind’s making could ever hope to have sovereign rights to the truth. Indeed, it is quite the opposite…”to err is human”.
It needs to be remembered that Jesus Christ was a man, not a super-hero, not a zombie, not a Unicorn or some other mythological beast possessing other-wordly, and thus imbalanced powers. To be in possession of such exclusive abilities in a world of suffering and imperfection is to be the lonely, living representative of evil, and that is the tell.
It needs to be clarified that any such assigned /prescribed powers that would separate one human being from another would be the work of the bad intentions of those operating within an ill-conceived, selfish (human) agenda.
It needs to be repeated indefinitely that the teachings of Jesus Christ formed the foundations of the philosophy that would eventually become named and known as communism.
It needs to be suggested that if you disagree with what is previously stated, you lack education and should have done a better job balancing your reading materials, that being the job of the individual given adequate access (this means you) to said reading materials.
It needs to be both examined and considered, the fact that both the KKK and the Nazi party claimed christian heritage.
It needs to be confessed that religion is an archaic impediment to human spiritual and intellectual growth and that the time has come to reject a regressive perspective and instead embrace a renaissance wherein our collective energy goes towards the search for what lies beyond where we find ourselves right now.
It needs to be understood that it is not a question of finding answers or achieving goals whose inception can not help but be misinformed and thus misguided.
It needs to be shared that it is all about the searching itself, the emphasis on exploration and awareness of balanced growth.
It needs to be offered that this can only happen one human being at a time.

Posted 7 months ago

Before you’re no more…Seymour.

All the good and bad that is a man…
That’s who I am.

Read to write and grow to know.
Creation is courageous.

Through you, not for you,
With you, not about you.

There are many messiahs
They are waiting there inside of us
So we nail them to the cross

Enchained in the dark and hidden away
We refuse to allow this little light
To shine and see the light of day.

Traded my hope for vision
Now I can’t see the whys.
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Made aware of the wise,
Then his poisonous kin.
Shine, shine, shine.

They always reject you (I always rejected them),
To show us where we’ve been.
Shine on, shine on again.

Brilliance, being pinned down…
Pinned down by pain.

Fear stubbornly stating
What is and what is not insane.

Posted 7 months ago

For my love; For whom I am retarded

Physically beautiful, wonderfully gifted and stunningly intelligent modern women have become so over-noticed and over-valued in our society of unequalized equality that they can scarcely be blamed for falling into the trap of selfish, self-absorbed, self-centeredness.
They have tended to pass that on to their almost inevitable offspring, and voila(alt.160), you have Americans.
That is what makes the constant self-discipline of the struggle inherent in becoming a truly self-actualized, balanced, and well-adjusted member of the aforementioned group so astonishing. I am perpetually amazed by her ability to avoid the predictable mediocrity waiting within the birthright of this elite.
I could not be more fortunate than to have found and married this exceptional being. I fell bass-ackwards into my good fortune by breaking the rules..that one about making a ‘less than attractive’ woman your wife. But all I really fell into was love.
To my future critics (at whose continued attention to my words I am equally amazed), I will suggest that the same trap exists for homosexual men subject to the same admiration from a different faction within the decreasingly dominant paradigm.

Posted 8 months ago

"…I’m comin’ to join you."

Everything people do has become a reflection of you. 

Although our words, when we do have courage to speak or think them,

Are in darkest and almost exclusively negative perspectives,

It was always so much in your name and in your honor. 

In spite of the fact that we have built a world

And a system of coming to be our selves within it

Based soul-ly on your teachings, your examples, your definitions,

We avoid you. 

We lament your presence and cheat you at every opportunity, 

Despite boasts we may have made, especially in youth’s gusto.

We refuse to see your value and fail to capitulate to its wonder,

Fully half that of all existence.

Only in the most extreme circumstance can we finally see,

When all other options are taken from us,

Taken by your greatness, 

By your omnipotence.

Those courageous few that would acknowledge your gifts and supremecy

Are cast out,

Labelled monsters,

And feared, though it is hard to differentiate fear.

The fearful are unaware that you are the answer to fear itself, 

Unaware that fear is become the domain of your opposite,

And as such, 

The path that leads away from fear is precisely your acceptance,

The embrace of your glory.

This acknowledgement does not require absolute devotion

But is instead simply an innate affirmation of your benefit and necessity.

What is desperately needed is courageous consideration

Of the gorgeous balanced potential

And enlightened sustainability

That your power undeniably provides within its equanimous gift.

Not unlike the crucial quality

Of the relationship between critic and writer,

The Former

May not exist without the latter.

Posted 9 months ago

White Man’s Burden

Mathematics and Science slipped  ruffies to  strangers they had never met called Truth and Beauty and took them to an anonymous, random location (highly-developed nation) to gang-rape them into a tenuous, temporary submission.

Posted 9 months ago

What Einsteins Don’t Know

Ideas are energy’s potential

Spirit the kinetic propulsion

Want the limitation

Of impediment’s resistance

Doubt inhibiting creation

Of infinite possiblity

Restriction regulating an inharmonious imbalance


Posted 2 years ago


Too much frontin’ and trippin’

Not enough poppin’ and lockin’

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